3 Mandalabulbs: Topviews of three mandelbulbs. An ambient video for meditative mandelbulb lovers. by LLFlash, sound from The Freesound Project , Mandelbulbs rendered with Visions of Chaos   360 X axis rotation of a Julia enabled red armor-plated Mandelbulb (Mandelbulbus loricatus juliae) rendered with Visions of Chaos (Pwr5 / I5 / B4 / Julia Real0.52). Sound from The Freesound Project. This particular bulb features a rather pleasant intricate surface pattern and, surprisingly, an opening and closing hairy sphincter (or mouth?). Captured 08/02/2010
Green spongious Mandelbulb (Mandelbulbus Spongeosus) spinning in space. 360 X,Y,Z axis rotation. Rendered with Visions of Chaos. Sound from The Freesound Project. Captured 23/02/2010   Black Mandelbulb (Mandelbulbus Nigrantis) spinning over gold mandelbox machinery. Rendered with Mandelbulb3D. Sound from The Freesound Project.
Red gelatinous Mandelbulb (Mandelbulbus gelatinus) spinning in blue mandelbox temple. Rendered with Visions of Chaos & Mandelbulb3D Sound from The Freesound Project. Captured 09/04/2010  

Planet of the Mandelbulbs

The famous film by Professor Uri Flach from the Psychic Energy Lab at the University of Potsderania in Triplotz.


Julia's Phoenix

Mandelbulb Julia Phoenix (Mandelbulbus Phoenix Juliae) mutating in space. Rendered with Visions of Chaos. Soundtrack by Digital Dogs.


Travels of a Fractal Voyager 1: The Warp

A psychedelic dive into a rush of Polynomial Julia Mandelbulbs (Mandelbulbus Polynomialis Juliae). A rare phenomenon encountered 10 light years south of Cepheus. Music: Burossophilies par Digital Dogs Rendered by LLFlash with Visions of Chaos by Softology. / See in HD

Travels of a Fractal Voyager 2 :
Exotic Sights from the 5th Quadrant

A mix of 3d fractals rendered with Mandelbulb 3D and Visions of Chaos by LLFlash.


Travels of a Fractal Voyager 3 : Planet of the Eggs

A 3D fractal journey to a strange new planet by LLFlash2014.
Stills of the same planet HERE & HERE


Travels of a Fractal Voyager IV : Cubopolis

A journey into the delirious architectures spawned by the 3D fractal entity known as the Mandelbox. / Un voyage au coeur des architectures délirantes de l'objet fractal 3D appelé Mandelbox. Rendered with Mandelbulb3D by LLFlash © 2015 / Music by Digital Dawgz
More on the Mandelbox


Travels of a fractal Voyager V : Cornucobia

Another glimpse into the strange bewildering world of 3D fractals.
Un 5e aperçu du monde étrange des fractales 3D.
Rendered by LLFlash with Mandelbuld 3D © 2018
Music by Digital Dawgz generated with Visions of Chaos Automatic Music Generator

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Revenge of the Quaternions

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2D Fractal Zooms


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